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Global Markets TradingView - analyze assets and quotes on your desktop

Almost all instruments that may interest a trader are available. Currency and other markets, it is possible to work with shares, commodities and other assets that are traded online. The suppliers of quotations are the same as at the top brokers, so there is no difference in quotations;
There is a large number of indicators, counting in hundreds. It is possible to create your own scripts and upload them to the library;
All the necessary tools for graphical analysis are present. TradingView leaves MetaTrader4 far behind;
Powerful social component. Traders can share trading ideas (you can set their display right on the chart). So TradingView is a real social network for traders;
Module for full-fledged trading;
Stock Filter.
You can use the service just to watch currency rates online at TradingView in real time, or you can make it your main analysis platform. In terms of capabilities, it can easily compete with conventional terminals.

At the beginning we were skeptical about the service. I could not believe that it could implement in online mode nearly the same thing as in the "desktop" version of the terminal.
Use the best charts and technical tools
Despite the fact that most trading platforms have their own charts displaying the situation on the trading pairs of domestic markets, most often their capabilities are significantly limited. At best they can offer a small set of technical indicators and possibility to customize timeframe.

But since this is obviously not enough for a full-fledged market analysis, many traders' choice falls on the TradingView service which, apart from the already mentioned features, has in its arsenal:

Up-to-date charts of a huge number of trading platforms and markets.
A wide range of analysis tools.
Hundreds of technical indicators, both classical and author's, developed by the platform users.
Possibility to save the elements drawn on the charts.
Trade recommendations based on the analysis of popular indicators.
Screens of shares, currencies and other assets.
Tools for testing trading strategies.
Customizable alerts on market events.
Trading panel that allows you to make transactions on exchanges without leaving the platform interface.
Real-time updated news feed.
Widgets for websites.

It's not a complete list, but it's the main one. To learn more about what TradingView can do, you should start using the platform.

Simple registration and you're in!

Registration is standard here, but at the basic steps, stop:

After you click on "Registration" a window opens in which you need to specify the mail, password, login. To simplify, you can use the possibility of registration through one of the social networks, there is no difference;
The confirmation letter will come on mail, follow the link in it;
Registration on this completes. The site of service is fully translated into 18 languages.
When verifying your email you will be redirected to the service's page, there will be an offer to upload a photo and enter your name. This step is optional, you can skip it.

We will talk more about subscription options later, but the full functionality of the service is available only after you pay for access. However, TradingView offers a 30-day free version for every type of subscription. There are no restrictions for those who use the demo access.
And this opportunity is worth taking advantage of, because TradingView paid subscriptions provide a number of advantages:

Working with several charts in one window (from 2 to 8 charts).
Combining different charts by instrument or interval.
Saving user artwork on more charts.
Comparison of symbols, currencies, indices, stocks and many other assets.
Absence of advertisements.
Additional types of charts for intraday intervals (Renko, Kagi, Linear Breakout, Tic-tac-toe).
No limit on the number of indicators.
Ability to use any timeframe (both prepared by the service and arbitrary).
Publishing your own ideas and viewing other people's ideas.
Using an account on several devices.
Chat with other users.
News feed updated in real time.
Any of the available TradingView plans, which differ in cost and functionality, is available for free.
TradingView Affiliate Program
The service administration has decided not to play around with multi-level affiliate program. That's why there is one rule - you will get 30% of your clients' fees for each attracted client. So, a referral will bring you income as long as he remains an active user of tradingview. This is a very good feature for those who trade in a group or know many traders!

To be able to attract clients, you need:

Register as an affiliate of the service;
Get a referral link;
Start referring clients. TradingView gives all the necessary materials for that for free.
You will be able to withdraw money after the amount of affiliate commission exceeds $300.
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